HTLcoin is the first Booking System based on ERC20 technology

A revolution in the Hotel industry
regarding the online reservations process for all the receptive structures (hotels/ b&bs/ hostels/ appartments, etc).

Presale ends in :
1 HTL = $0.25

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HTLCoin Future Power

future power of our token during and after ICO. As we can see the price for now is $0.25 per token, after presale ends the first stage of ico will start and price will increase $0.05 each day for 40 days, which will give a token value of $2.25 the last day of ico.

After completion of all ico stages we will raise the price to $5.00 and if we open the Lending platform (depends of our poll result which we have opened in our telegram channel ) the price of every purchased token you lend is $5.00 so if you have bought 1000 tokens at $0.25 which worth $250 you can lend and stake them for $5000.

No exchange manipulation and no coin dumping will be allowed.

HTL Coin Vision

HTL Coin is created on the ethereum network with ERC20 technology respecting Etherium smart contract technology, othersaid all the transactions are made underwriting a precise list of requirments and rules which act as a regulation. This is defined by the standard ERC20 technology.

Our company

We are based in Europe, after the completion of ICO we will publish our company registrar number and all details about our legitimity.

Vision Statement

Due to the practical application of HTL Coin, our scope is to assure us as one of the coins most trustworthy in the crypto market, aiming as a minimum objective to be from the top 20 within the period of 2 years.

HTLCoin Services

Hotel booking system

This is the core of the entire project, Hotel Booking System is promising as the No. 1 site in the future for online reservations in the hotels sector, with transactions 100% through HTL Coin revolutionizing the current traditional system, breaking down the barrier of national currency exchange and high costs of services with consequent disadvantages for both parties.


Proof of stake (aka POS) cryptos has many technical benefits but apart from that our proof of stake will give different economic benefits/dividends to its HODLers by giving them the option of running a masternode or staking their coins in a stake-able wallet.. Details for staking plans will be announced in few days... Lets raise HTLcoin value!!


As we believe in crypto and especially in HTL coin, we will allow our community to internally trade HTL coins and in future everyone will be able to trade HTL coins with different crypto and FIAT currencies. Our internal Exchange will be alive in May 2018.



Investment in the coin

HTL coin represents a secure investment for the future, with the potential power related to the concrete and tangible services for which it has been thought and created.


Global coin

It has been conceived as coin with a global worldwide use for payments of online reservations for hotel/ b&b/ hostel/ appartment, etc on a new universal platform through transactions super fast and secure with almost zero commission.


Few months ago we were thinking to open Lending option to our community, and we had a deal with some professional traders but as things have changed, we decided to ask our investors if they still trust it.



Advantages of HTLCOIN system versus the current traditional system


Our Story

HTLcoin is the first booking system in crypto world thought to make a real revolution in Hotel industry, regarding the online reservations process for all the receptive structures (hotels/ b&bs/ hostels/ appartments, etc).

The main objective is to offer a better service to all the global network of the hotels sector and their clients, breaking down the principal barrier hindering the correct development of this sector which is facing the difficulty of the continuous high costs of offering the essential services to the end user.

This is how was born our idea to ride the wave of this historical transitional moment which is leading us to the future; and to exploit the technology of the blockchain and its surrounding world offering to the hotel sector a 360 degree solution with a very low cost and a maximum security obtaining a real utility tangible and concrete from the many nominated blockchain, coins and their possessing community.

Experienced team of developers and hotel's owners, decided to create together this amazing project to help both owners of hotels and tourists to save money, secure their bookings through the smart contract system. Along with 3 traders to help our community in making profits holding and trading the coin, all details about us (photos, social links and biography) will be announced very soon with our company registration number.

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